Downstream Fish Passage Project - NB Power Tobique Narrows Dam

Main Crane:  Liebherr LTM1200-5.1 using VarioBase mode
Tailing Crane:  Grove TMS9000E 
Scope:  Installation of a 63,000 pound hydroelectric dam fish collection screen

Irving Equipment Limited was contracted to assist in the installation of a 63,000 pound fish collection screen at a hydroelectric dam in northwest New Brunswick, Canada.  The challenge was to position the collection screen directly under the bridge, which the cranes were located on.  The solution was custom slings and a custom beam with sheaves that allowed the rigging to travel under the bridge.  

Using a Liebherr LTM1200-5.1, the collection screen was lifted over the side of the dam while a Grove TMS9000E lowered the rigging on the opposite side through the custom beam.  Once the rigging was attached, the TMS9000E then hoisted up until the collection screen was in the final position. 

Due to the width restrictions of the bridge and a requirement for additional capacity during the initial lift, the VarioBase mode on the Liebherr LTM1200-5.1 was used.  Leaving no room for doubt, not only did we use Liebherr's Liccon planner software to verify the crane capacities, we used our proprietary lift planning software, CraneCAD™ to create a 3D model of the project site to accurately verify crane locations, load clearances, and rigging requirements.  #withoutquestion

Author: Chris Nearing