Rough Terrain Cranes

Our fleet of rough terrain cranes is capable of lifts ranging from 15 tons to 150 tons. These mobile, off-road units are well suited for projects in remote, difficult-to-navigate locations. We're continuously upgrading our equipment lineup with new cranes and technologies that provide the latest in safety and efficiency improvements.

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Please review the list below to learn more about our fleet of rough terrain cranes.

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Grove RT9150E

Brand:  Grove
Model:  RT9150E
Capacity:  150 Ton
Boom:  197 ft
Jib:  59 ft

Grove RT9130E

Brand: Grove
Model: RT9130E
Capacity: 130 Ton
Boom: 160 ft
Jib: 59 ft

Grove RT890E

Brand: Grove
Model: RT890E
Capacity: 90 Ton
Boom: 142 ft
Jib: 56 ft

Grove RT880E

Brand: Grove
Model: RT880
Capacity: 80 Ton
Boom: 128 ft
Jib: 56 ft

Link-Belt RTC8065

Brand: Link-Belt
Model: RTC8065
Capacity: 65 Ton
Boom: 115 ft
Jib: 33 ft

Grove RT760E

Brand: Grove
Model: RT760E
Capacity: 60 Ton
Boom: 110 ft
Jib: 56 ft

Grove RT650E

Brand: Grove
Model: RT650E
Capacity: 50 Ton
Boom: 110 ft
Jib: 56 ft

Galion 150FA

Brand: Galion
Model: 150FA
Capacity: 15 Ton
Boom: 60 ft