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Irving Equipment is the leading provider of heavy lifting services in Atlantic Canada.

Our extensive equipment fleet includes more than 115 cranes, with capacities ranging from 8 tons to 827 tons. No matter how large or complex your lifting project, you can count on us to provide a flexible solution that meets your goals, safely and on budget.

To reduce risk and increase efficiency on your jobsite, our in-house engineers developed CraneCAD™, a proprietary, computer-aided drafting system that creates three-dimensional simulations of all aspects of a proposed lift. These simulations enable our engineers to quickly explore all options and identify the lifts that are the safest and most practical.

To further increase safety and reliability, our supervisors and engineers personally visit your jobsite before the work is carried out to conduct on-the-ground assessments of every proposed lift. Equipped with handheld computers, they are able to evaluate and revise plans quickly and accurately on site. Downtime is reduced and the overall quality of the work is improved.

In 2014, American Cranes & Transport Magazine ranked us 32nd in North America in ACT100, its annual assessment of the continent's top 100 crane-owning companies. International Crane Magazine has ranked us at 44th in the world based on "total maximum load moment rating, in tonne-meters of all cranes."

You can put your trust in Irving Equipment.

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